Beton KA-KB


Beton KA and KB is a two-part product for use as a primer/filler on internal and external surfaces.

Made for areas that require high bonding and lamina strength with fibre-reinforcement, it is breathable and white in colour. It has excellent workability and and is easy to apply.

Beton KA-KB is a cement mortar used for:

  • levelling and preparation of walls and floors before application of Cemento 3D
  • direct application on horizontal and vertical surfaces such as tiles, marble, cement plaster, lime mortar and concrete
  • smoothing walls and floors with plastic coatings or synthetic paints

Beton KA-KB Technical Sheet including application methods

Beton KA Material Safety Data

Beton KB Material Safety Data

Container size 12kg + 5 litres

Suggested coverage 1.3 kg /m² per mm of thickness of coat

Code 024.BKA/12 

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