Decor Finish


Decor Finish is a one-component transparent acrylic water-based paint which dries without the use of a hardener. This forms a hard, clear protective surface over the material it is applied to, suitable for use on walls and floors.

This eco-friendly product can be applied in a closed environment.

Available in Satin, Matt and Anti-Slip finish.


Decor Finish Technical Sheet

Decor Finish Anti-Slip Technical Sheet

Decor Finish Material Safety Data

Container size 2.5 litres

Suggested coverage

Decor Finish: 10 m² / 2.5 litres over two coats depending on variable absorption and roughness of base material

Decor Finish Anti-Slip: 6.67 m² / litre = 0.15 litres / m² depending on roughness of base material

Code 022.DFL/2.5 Satin     020.DFO/2.5 Matt     020.ASL/2.5 Anti-slip


Finish: AS Anti-slip

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