VL3D Liquid Glass


VL3D Liquid Glass is the latest generation of two component high gloss protective finishes with low viscosity and a high surface hardness with the absence of colour.

For thicker applications, a bulking additive (Thickener) is available. 

VL3D is resistant to scratches, bumps and fire. It does not undergo variations in contact with water, it is chemical resistant and can be applied in marine environments.

VL3D Liquid Glass protects Cemento 3D and PanareaFloor. 


  • excellent adhesion strength
  • good waterproofing power
  • excellent resistance to UV rays
  • easy application
  • durable marine environments
  • mechanical strength

Should you need extra Thickener for VL3D Liquid Glass, click here LINK


VL3D Liquid Glass Technical Sheet

Watch VL3D Liquid Glass Video

Watch VL3D Liquid Glass Finishes Video

Watch VL3D Liquid Glass Resistance Video

VL3D Liquid Glass 100-60 Comp A Material Safety Data

VL3D Catalystal Liquid Glass 100-60 BA Comp B Material Safety Data

Container size 0.75 litre and 2.5 litres

Suggested coverage 16 m² / litre = 0.063 litres / m² (40 μm thick) on non-absorbent surfaces

Code 034.VL3D


Size: 0.75 lt

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